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Our Vision
New Zealand Real Estate Investment Trust ("NZREIT”/”The fund") provides investment opportunities for small and medium-sized investors with satisfactory returns, excellent quality and real assets in commercial real estate projects.
NZREIT develops and holds real estate projects such as childcare facilities, small combined commercial complex and retirement Villages etc. These projects have both stable return on rental income and long-term return on capital growth.
NZREIT is a way to concentrate resources to enhance market competitiveness, make the use of funds more secure and effective.
Acceptable investment under business migration
The Fund invests in New Zealand commercial real estates which qualify under Immigration New Zealand's "Acceptable Investments" as one of the products for business migrants investors.
Why You Can Trust NZREIT?
The Manager team has very broad property investment experience in New Zealand for over 20 years. It is our strategy to use conservative modeling to ensure the security of every investment we make. The team also engages with professional consultant from time to time to make informed decision in the decision-making process. Since 2015, the manager team has studied and involved in all aspects of New Zealand early childcare industry. The fund has now developed and hold four projects of early childcare related properties which including conversion of existing property, new build etc. This development model has proved to be a rewarding and successful. The team will continue to focus on early childcare properties acquisition and development in the immediate term, while exploring opportunities in New Zealand commercial property market. The manager will continue to selects and acquires the real estate investment projects which is under different stage of development, i.e. new site, existing property for conversion and upgrade and mature properties which is fully or partly rented.
The Manager also acts as property manager on a day to day basis to ensure that all properties are optimally leased, all rent is collected and that the properties are maintained in good order.
The independent Trustee (or its nominee) owns the underlying real estate investments on behalf of the Fund to ensure the independency and security of the investor’s fund/
For fixed interest investments, an independent custodian wrap platform separately owns and records the fixed interest investments on behalf of the Fund.
The Administrator prepares the accounts and manages all investment and investor reporting independently.
what we are going
to do
To invest in New Zealand Core Plus commercial real estate which has development potential.
To invest in New Zealand yielding commercial real estate which is in full and stable long term lease.
This structure is fair and efficient, return will be distributed to each investor according to investment percentage, each investor needs to pay its own tax liability based on different types of investor (individual or company or family trust)
199 Beach Haven Road
The population of beach haven is about 10,000, the childcare capacity is in short of supply.
The region is a high growth developing zone with great development potential for residential houses for young families.
We plan to develop a childcare centre with 125 licenses on the site. The rental is estimated to be NZ$ 50 plus per child per week, while the annual rent is estimated to be NZ$ 325,000 plus and the lease term will be 15+10+10 years.
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